Bücher (Auswahl)


Typographics 1, Lucy Rix (ed.), (Hearst Books International)

Typographics 2, Roger Walton (ed.), (Hearst Books International)

Typography Now 2 (Booth Clibborn Editions)

Sight For Sound (HBI)

Letterheads and Business Cards, Chris Foges (RotoVision)

Experimental Formats, Roger Fawcett-Tang et al (RotoVision)

Mappings, Roger Fawcett-Tang (RotoVision)

Identify, Charlotte Rivers (RotoVision)

RSVP, Invitation Design, Sara Manuelli (RotoVision)

Paper Engineering, Natalie Avella (RotoVision)

All Messed Up, Anna Gerber (Laurence King)

Contemporary Book Design, Roger Fawcett-Tang (Laurence King)

1000 Graphic Elements, Paul Burgess (Rockport)

Experimental Formats 2, Roger Fawcett-Tang (Rotovision)

Typography Workbook, Tim Samara (Rockport)

The Complete Typographer, Will Hill (Pearson/Prentice Hall)

1000 Type treatments, Wilson Harvey / Loewy (Rockport)

Type Specific, Charlotte Rivers (Rotovision)

Publication Workbook, Tim Samara (Rockport)

The Best of Business Card Design, Loewy (Rockport)

Influences, Anna Gerber and Anja Lutz (Die Gestalten Verlag)

New Typographic Design, Roger Fawcett-Tang (Lawrence King)

Print and Production Finishes for Brochures and Catalogs, Roger Fawcett-Tang (Rockport)

What is Publication Design?, (Company Profile), Lakshmi Bhaskaran (Rotovision)



Artikel (Auswahl)


Print March/April 1997 downlow

Graphics International (issue 68) Rodinsky’s Whitechapel long article

Graphics International (issue 72) The Missing Voice (case study b) long article

Graphics International (issue 79) Witness short article

Eye 33, Voices

Graphics International consultancy profile (issue 92)

Étapes 83 (April 2002) Ariane’s Cup

Graphics International 100 most influential designers (Grapus article)

Étapes 89 (October 2002) Spoon review

Novum article

Eye No? Add17469 review

Eye 74 vol 19 Berlin issue